Money. Finances. Job. Investing. Taboo things to talk about over the water cooler or at the dinner table, but this everyday, extraordinary woman tackles these topics head-on. No B.S. No cookie cutter mumbo jumbo. The truth is when I interviewed sweet Timolin, I felt in my gut that my view of money and my relationship to it was all wrong. I like to say, “I don’t make this show, it makes me.”

Timolin’s sincere calling to help us see how much our emotions affect our finances is gentle, refreshing, and also truth-telling. Her book is even better. I read it in a little over a week. We’ve all watched or read Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman, but you’ve probably never heard of Timolin Langin. She’s a beautiful soul who loves God, family, and the wisdom her grandmother taught her about money. You too can live like a millionaire on any budget…watch and learn how!

This interview sent me on a quest to learn more about money and to be honest about how much my emotions run the train. It made me realize that my ROI on pursuing an acting career was pretty darn low compared to the high risk and the high debt of all the “start-up costs”. Ouch. Not fun to see your dreams in that light.

Since then I’ve made some changes. I’ve taken a step back from acting pursuits. I work full-time. I’ve cut out needless expenses. I have a budget. I watch it. I log every receipt…and I pray. I pray every day for God to open my eyes and my mind as to be a better steward of the money He’s given me and how to make the money grow, like the man in that one parable in that one book. 😉

Do I have it all figured out? No. Can I invest in that beachfront property yet? Nope. Can I make that short film? No. Not yet. But am I rich? Hell, yes! I have a brain, I have family and friends that are all helping me overcome my bad $ habits. I have this blog and readers like you that daily want to make the world a better place. Let’s do it one day at a time with one wiser money decision at a time — and let’s do it all while living out our callings so that when it’s time for our dreams to come to fruition, we’ve been faithful to be wise stewards.

Ready, set, GO!


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