Lisa Gold is an EXTRAORDINARY woman! I met her in NYC when I needed her most. Isn’t that always the way? She’s a firm believer in the laws of attraction and it was perfect that our paths crossed when they did. At the time, I was curious about a life in Los Angeles. If it was doable, reasonable, crazy?!?!

I began to coach with her and she guided me through the whole process of leaving my life in NYC and setting up shop in LA! I could not have done it without her! She told me which neighborhoods to live in, where to take classes, and gave me starting connections that have become friends and fans. What an amazing lady!

I learned about the law of attraction from her and read “Think and Grow Rich” and ever since then have been working on my thoughts and listening more. It’s always a struggle for me — those pesky thoughts — particularly lately. But coming back to my interview with Lisa, I was encouraged and inspired. Take a few minutes to meet and be inspired by Lisa!!!

So, what is Lisa up to now?!?! She’s been taking her own advice to take care of herself and has returned to her passion for singing! I hope to hear her sing again someday soon. She’s also been spending time with family and adores her dogs and her new kitty.

That’s what I’m doing too lately, returning to previous passions and dreams and letting that revive and refuel me. Thanks, Lisa, for a wonderful chat over tea!


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