An Inspirational Approach

Create Your Sacred Home!

Do you feel overwhelmed, lost, or stuck? Do you need an inspiring and peaceful home where you can be still and hear God’s voice?

In this course, you will learn step-by-step how to create a gracious home of spaciousness that helps to restore your inspiration and renew your mindset by teaching you how to reclaim your space with the acrostice G.R.A.C.E.

It’s easy to fit into your busy schedule and I give you tools to visualize, pray, plan, and create the peaceful and sacred space your soul needs.

Melinda on Sofa
Melinda on Sofa

Do You Feel Like…

  • Your soul longs for more calm, peace, and organization in your home.

  • You are tired of the overwhelm and want guidance at your own pace in creating new systems.
  • You find yourself wasting time and money searching for items.

  • You love God and want encouragement and inspirationation when tackling the organization of your home.

  • You love organizing!

Light Up Your Soul

During the course, you will organize one space (or more!)  in your home. You will learn how to methodically create an organized, peaceful and elevated space with my signature five-step process, GRACE. You will fall in love with the Lord all over again, as well as, your home.

Short Video Lessons Taught by Melinda Grace

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Downloadable Guided Journal with Prayers and Space to Plan

Bonus Resources and Printables


Why Faith & Organizing?

In 2019, I experienced anxiety for the first time and that led me on a journey to rediscover my faith, reconnect with my family and experience new depths of grace. 2020 hurled in the global pandemic of the century and both these events led me to start my own organizing business. Because, decluttering and organizing the physical spaces in my life allowed me to also declutter my mind and soul and hear my calling again, my passion is to help others do the same.

I’m an actor, writer, producer, professional organizer, entrepreneur, and founder of Melinda Grace Organizing, based in Los Angeles. With a background in business administration, marketing, and theatre, I provide my clients with creative, strategic, and transformative problem-solving skills that open up avenues for imagining possessions and spaces in a new light that can bring joy & efficiency. My prayer is that through this course, you will begin to see all that is possible for your space!