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Hi! I’m a professional organizer and I’ve been organizing anything and everything since I can remember. The first magazine subscription that I actually paid for was Real Simple and my favorite place to shop is the storage area and any retail store. I’ve had my Dad tell me, “I just don’t understand how you see where to put everything,” and my husband has said, “Are you still organizing?” Lol. I can’t stop, won’t stop.

Maybe it’s the thrill of putting an organization puzzle together and making it look like a masterpiece, or the peace and calm I feel when everything is in its place and I can finally sit down and have a cup of tea—but I love it. As a professional organizer, I want to help you see and feel the joy of an organized home, small business or church. To you, the overwhelmed and stressed out entrepreneur, mom, business leader, or empty nester I say, “Grab a cup of tea and let’s RECLAIM your space with GRACE!”

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Melinda Grace Organizing

Q: Want an inspiring and peaceful home, small office or church space that is a break from the crazy world?

Within just a couple of sessions, my clients have said that they feel inspired again, a sense of hope is restored and they physically & mentally have space to process these stressful times in a safe, peaceful space.

Q: Tired of living another day in chaos & overwhelm?

As a professional organizer, can help you reclaim your space, clear the clutter, and provide functional organizational systems & designs that are customized for you. I love to redesign spaces & provide spatial planning services. Don’t live another minute in the chaos!

Q: Need to conquer your clutter?

Melinda Grace Organizing provides best-in-class decluttering services including removal of unwanted items, donation dropoffs, recycling dropoffs, and guides & tips so you can maintain.

Q: Need help creating the life you want to live?

I love helping people & small businesses, just like you, reclaim their space with my organizational design services. I’ve had clients tell me that after reclaiming their space they feel closer to the new life they are creating, hoping & praying for. Whatever new life you envision for yourself, I can help organize and create the space needed for movement forward!


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