Melinda Grace

Hi! I’m a professional organizer and I’ve been organizing anything and everything since I can remember. The first magazine subscription that I actually paid for was Real Simple and my favorite place to shop is the storage area and any retail store. I’ve had my Dad tell me, “I just don’t understand how you see where to put everything,” and my husband has said, “Are you still organizing?” Lol. I can’t stop, won’t stop.

Maybe it’s the thrill of putting an organization puzzle together and making it look like a masterpiece, or the peace and calm I feel when everything is in its place and I can finally sit down and have a cup of tea—but I love it. As a professional organizer, I want to help you feel the joy & freedom of an organized home. To you, the overwhelmed and stressed working mom, I say, “Grab a cup of tea and while I RECLAIM your space with GRACE!”

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Organized Spice Jars in Kitchen



Embrace the freedom of functionality & design with elevated spaces curated just for you & your growing family.


As a hardworking mom, your time is precious. Enjoy your new home quickly while we take the stress and all the boxes and packing paper away!

Pre-Rent Decluttering

Like magic, we’ll have your home decluttered and organized for top-dollar renters.

Melinda Grace Organizing

Q: Are you nervous about getting started?

You’re not alone! I’ll help you decide where to start. Calm is just around the corner.

Q: Tired of living another day in chaos & overwhelm?

As a professional organizer, I can help you declutter and make decisions about what to keep vs toss vs sell vs donate. I love to curate spaces that are beautiful without sacrificing function. Don’t live another minute stressed out!

Q: No time to declutter?

Melinda Grace Organizing provides judgment free decluttering + removal of donations and e-waste, as well as tips for con-signing high end items. 

Q: Need help creating space just for you?

I love helping busy, working moms, just like you, reclaim their space with my organizational design services. This saves you time & gives you energy not only for your family, but for soul-care & creativity projects. Whatever life you envision for yourself, I can help organize and create the space needed for movement forward!


Experience Your Sanctuary

Reclaiming your energy & space with GRACE today!