Dear Friend,

I have to tell you about JLJ, aka, Jessica Lyn Johnson. If you’ve been in LA and had anything to do with solo theatre, then you’ve at least heard her name or seen it on a show postcard. She’s quite extraordinary, but still that everyday woman you instantly want to be best friends with. She’ll inspire you, accept you, push you, and love you from the minute you walk into her class.

Writing is tough work, not because it’s hard, but because of the resistance we all have toward letting go and creating. Jess is a good antidote to creative resistance. I can testify to that. She helped me move past my fears and insecurities about writing and as a bonus, my blocks to Love. In writing my solo piece, I realized that meeting someone and falling in love was a huge struggle and missing piece in my life. She encouraged me through all the writings and tears and challenged me to study and listen to experts in this area. I opened myself back up to love, forgave myself for my mistakes and misunderstandings, and met my handsome Texas Cowboy in California.

Her interview was the first time I’d ever live-streamed and it was on a platform long overshadowed by Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Forgive the poor cinematography and all that technical stuff, because past that is a gem of an interview that will inspire you to write your story whether in a play, film, or blog. She dares us: “Just Start!”

What has this solo theatre guru been up to since this interview? Well…quite a lot, actually. She was nominated at this summer’s Hollywood Fringe Festival for Female Director of Distinction in Theater! Several of the shows she directed won awards at the festival too. She’s writing her third solo show and was chosen to be a part of a business mentorship program with Dallas Travers. She’s also been planning events and evenings of solo theatre for the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival, to much acclaim.

She’s been on quite a journey of love, freedom, and truth too and I can’t wait to see her solo show!

Thank you, Jessica, for guiding my solo journey that led me to a new path of love and artistic freedom.


Signature 2016

P.S. If you’d like to take her FREE writing workshop sign up here!IMG_7923