I met Summera taking a career strategy year-long class in Hollywood. I knew from the first day I met her that she was a confident, no BS, hard-working, and generous woman carving her place in the film world. I watched her for a year set goals, achieve them, set harder goals, achieve them, and grow as a person and artist.

She inspired me and every time she spoke, I took notes. She still inspires me. Check out why as she shares advice, triumphs, and her experience with sexism in the Industry in this video:

The coolest thing about knowing and being a part of Summera’s journey is that the hard work is paying off! Since interviewing her she had four films: Avowed, Sweet Caroline, Wake, or Perchance in several Film Festivals. Some of these films won awards and she won a few herself. I can say I know an award-winning actress!!!

She’s taken the time to foster her relationships and invites others to join in her successes. Thank you, Summera for the inspiration you are and for the reminder to just try the thing we’re scared at doing, for in not trying we’re already failing.

So, watch her video and try that thing that scares you, my sweet friend; then share with me in the comments how it went! … and maybe I’ll share what scary things I’ve been up to lately too… we’ll do them together.

Be Extraordinary,

Signature 2016