Epiphanies on Faith, Risk, & Motherhood

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Meet everyday, extraordinary woman, Melissa Smith. Founder of Epiphany Space, a growing community of artists and freelancers that provides co-working, room rental, and gallery space in Hollywood!

I chose to interview Melissa Smith because, although quite calm and gentle in demeanor, she is a powerhouse full of love for God, her family, and artists. It’s very clear that this love is changing, impacting, and inspiring local Hollywood writers, actors, singers, producers, and filmmakers.

Watch this interview with Melissa to see and hear first hand her beautiful heart for the artists’ journey, how she surrendered to this very specific calling, and how the process was birthed the same time as her firstborn. The thing I LOVE about this interview is the ability of Melissa to clearly articulate with ease the truth about surrendering to her calling from God — the pain, the risk, the fear, the uncomfortableness, AND the JOY. Watch thru to the end, where she offers invaluable advice to women entrepreneurs and creatives.

Since this interview three years ago, Epiphany Space is thriving! They’ve seen an increase in co-working memberships, events, and booking of the facilities – which includes their own Short Film Festival. Because Melissa also cares about the whole person, they’ve seen a fresh healing begin amongst the community, a budding music community grow, and even had a few musicians on American Idol!

They’ve had 7 Resident Artists, 1 book published, and a long list of projects and collaborations. I can’t believe I can say LONG!

They have grown and expanded into an adjacent house and don’t have plans to stop anytime soon. At the birth of this added space, Melissa, herself, had her second child. The vision God has given her for both is nothing but miraculous, so I watch in great anticipation for how it will continue to unfold.

To meet Melissa you would never guess that she hustles: runs Epiphany Space, serves part-time on the Pastoral Team at Ecclesia as Pastor in Residence, is launching a line of bath and body care products called Liberated Wholistic Living, teaching wholeness classes, and continuing to meet with individuals for healing prayer and spiritual care! She truly is an everyday, extraordinary woman.

Our sweet friendship continues as the women she mentors and influences invited my previous start-up, MePop, to chat about our passion for digital marketing and helping artists use it to get their stories told to a wider audience.

Thank you, Melissa, for your passion and genuine love for the artists’ journey and for us to find wholeness and healing!!!


As with any non-profit, the needs are often greater than expected. If you have a minute, please pray for provision and strength for them. I know they will feel it and be blessed.


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