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Hollywood Stunt Woman and Trainer Tells All in this inspirational interview on Everyday, Extraordinary Women. Grab a cup of tea and join us! Be inspired.

The thing that inspires me most about Aimee is the amount of ease and confidence packed into one tiny person! I first met Aimee taking a fitness class at the YMCA. She was kind but firm, confident but gentle, and most importantly she knew her stuff and lived by what she taught. She’s a powerhouse and as usual, I HAD to get to know her!

She trained me privately for about a year and in that year I lost over 10 lbs, was the strongest and tiniest I’ve ever been in my life, and really, really happy. My endorphins were going nuts! (So if you need a trainer and you’re in LA, I can’t recommend her enough!!!)

She also helped me take this show to the next level and stepped in as producer and sounding board on several occasions, so I knew I had to interview her and capture her story. My favorite part of the interview is her story of going to Vegas and having one of the worst days of her life and she says “I hate this moment!” OMG, how many times have my boyfriend and I quoted her this past year! Can you relate?

Her honesty about her experiences is refreshing and her stories, although not fun to her at the time, are in the end funny and something we can all learn from. Her advice to us women pursuing our callings is very wise and often not what we want to hear, but what we need to hear. In this day and age of uber positivity on Instagram and what seems to be instant success by other women with fancy photos and cool outfits, it’s inspiring to meet a woman who doesn’t care about all that stuff. She is actually, quite successful without it and yet right there with us in the battle, in the struggle, in the pain. Watch her video. You will end up quoting her too!

So where is this lovely lady now? I reached out to her and she wrote back with candor — I bet you can relate? I know I can…here she goes…

Since that interview, I’ve stunt coordinated 4 short films and took up stunt driving — Practice for now. Long way to go. I have also worked on SWAT and FEAR the Walking Dead.
Z PHYSIQUE FITNESS is doing great and I can hardly accommodate clients during prime hours. I think I need to raise my prices because what I’m finding out is the demand for prime hours (early morning and after work) is high…but there is only one ME. So…I suppose I should broaden my accessibility online or otherwise.
Haha…didn’t we already talk about this 3 years ago? lol.
Side note: Still have lots of availability in the afternoon should any of your friends or acquaintances need a trainer.
I spent 21 days in Italy and visited 15 cities, swam in the green lagoon, sailed Venice, and was awestruck by what humans created centuries ago!
I still dream of earning a much more substantial living because as I age, I see how essential retirement funds are. I also want to have $ for adventures with family and friends. Struggling with the decision to take another road and work a regular job full time (not sure who would hire me since I haven’t worked a straight job in years), going back for my masters (2.5 years to complete Masters program in occupational therapy), and would need to prep for 1 year before even being accepted. I’d study to pass the acceptance exam, get letters of recommendation, and do 150 hours of internship/shadowing with no pay. Then hopefully graduate. But I’d be over $200,000 in debt. Phew!
Or…try to score a job as an event coordinator for a corporate hotel making $80,000/year. Not bad.
Kids or no kids, travel, or save $ ??????
I’m growing tired of living small, no reference to my height.  😂
My dreams bounce back ‘n forth from becoming more recluse to being a creator of community and connection. I’m becoming more aware of my potential and my flaws in relating to others. Maturity and adulting…I’d like it to be uplifting and fun.”
Wow! Thanks, Aimee, for your candor! I know I’ve been wrestling with these same questions lately. I don’t have any answers, except to keep making this show somehow, take it one day at a time, and learn as much as I can! (She’d be proud of me, I’m reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” right now and realizing my financial education might be what I study next.)
What about you? Can you relate? Where are you in life? Ever question your calling? Has your calling changed?
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