A Woman’s Song: Worth the Risk?

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Grab a cup of tea and meet Everyday, Extraordinary Woman, Cortney Matz. She's a screenwriter and songwriter who's story is sure to inspire!

So where is Cortney Matz now? It’s been three years since Episode 1 was released on YouTube and I find it just as inspiring as when I sat down to interview her the first time. When I moved to Los Angeles, she was one of my first friends and that had also moved here with big dreams of Hollywood. Mine acting. Hers writing.

We both left lives that we had so delicately crafted for ourselves in search of our calling and at the mercy of His calling us. In this interview, she eloquently shares her story of surrender and bravery. If you didn’t catch it the first time around, here it is again, just for you.

My favorite quote from this interview is “bloom where you’re planted.” We’ve all heard it before, but something about her kindness, her gentleness, and the light that radiates from her makes me actually want to reach towards the son and bloom.  I won’t lie, it’s been hard for me to do that lately. But, I’m clearing the weeds and spraying those pesky bugs so I can — bloom where God has planted me.

So, where is this lovely woman now? Right now she is in Nashville, to be exact, at a music conference singing her heart out. In the more general sense, she is writing music, singing it, and touring! I am so inspired by her — when she hears her calling she throws caution to the wind and follows it’s voice. Like me, she is a constant learner, and so, I love reading in her Patreon account that she is learning even more about music, writing it, and performing it.

I love Cortney’s songs. They always stir in me. So, yes, the risk is worth it. Yes, dear friend, your taking the risk is inspiring hundreds of lives.

Share with this budding community, what risk are you on the precipice of taking?


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